Certified Organic

Box Divvy Certified Organic Hubs are different to our Conventional/Sprayfree Food Hubs.

All produce is Certified Organic with NASAA, AOC, Aus-Qual Organic, Demeter Biodynamic Research Institute.  All boxes come to the Hub with the Certification and Farmer name on the box.

The produce is seasonal and from farms on the Eastern Seabord so it reduces carbon footprint - rather than imported from overseas. This also means no storage and you can taste that in the produce.

Much of organics can be grown in Victoria, pests are  limited, Southern NSW and some in Qld. The soil is good and fewer pest swarms.

The produce does not have sprays to extend its viability on the shelf and are not gassed to ripen.

The produce is not stored, is gathered and palletised to go out to the Hubs where packing and pick up happens the same day.

Offering farming families the opportunity to sell their certified organic produce through Box Divvy Hubs gives the farmer back their time for their family. No more sitting weekends at markets and often losing money as more is put into paying for the stall than income gained on the day. Farmers also find that the road side stall is not able to provide a sustainable income.

With Box Divvy profits are channelled back to reduce prices for members. Box Divvy is up to 40% cheaper than any other organic delivery group.

As a Social Enterprise Business we aim to make the Food Hubs self-sustaining and change how the food system currently works by having the community own the food system in order to change it.

With Partners Western Sydney Diabetes we also aim to make fresh food sustainable, affordable and accessible.

Certified Organic food should not cost the earth!

Good for the Plant

Good for your Wallet

Good for your Health