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Greening with Food Forests

Our aim is to support local farmers/backyard growers offering accessible, inexpensive, healthy fresh food that is inexpensive due to reduced supply chain.

Urban greening and canopy cover has a direct impact on health and mental well being. There’s research supporting the incidence of diabetes2 lowers as people are encouraged to walk under a canopy, especially when hot.

We’re partners of Western Sydney Diabetes, NSW Health  finding opportunities to provide fresh food locally grown and in your Backyard. So we encourage and incentivise backyard growers to include Food forests or also known as Forest Gardens in the mix.


Food forests are use permaculture techniques and help grow more food without too many inputs.  There are many layers from the top trees like a fruit tree, down a layer to berries, down a layer to ground cover. Sympatico – in sympathy or creating a harmony of plant life. It means there is real diversity and reduces weeding and pests become part of the circular nature of the growing area.

As part of this push we are also Partners with Greener Spaces Better Places  

You’ll find us under Horticulture Industry.


If you’d like to get involved in Backyard Growers Box Divvy contact us here.

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Good for our planet.

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