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Apply ONLY IF  you are seriously interested in running a Box Divvy

Food Hub ®.


If you’ve a passion for fresh produce and wanting to save money at the same time start a micro business with the support of Box Divvy. So be your own Boss.

Have you read Run a Hub  ? 


Got 4-5 hours a week to Run a Hub?


It costs nothing to start a Box Divvy Food Hub and we give you training, coaching and ongoing support. Plus you meet some amazing people. You need to be a good communicator, calm, kind and like building relationships with your neighbours. Box Divvy is more about building a food community. It is not just transactional ie: purchasing food  and it's about creating a community of like-minded people concerned about our farmers, the climate changing affecting growing of our food and reducing packaging.


Run a Sprayfree/conventional Sydney, NSW (not all places so ask) and  Canberra /ACT (not all places so ask).

We'd love you to Run a Food Hub and earn some extra income plus become the Local Food Warrior for your community. First - Have you read 'Run a Food Hub' previous page and the FAQ? This has the information you need about Running a Box Divvy.


When we receive your application we will phone you to discuss this with you. Please answer us promptly if we leave a phone message as we don't have the resources to chase you and you'll simply miss out.

You need to have a carport or garage or covered area at your home or Scout Hall or Community Hall for receiving the goods and for packing the same day received. Members pick up during a 2 hour time window and you can consider offering home delivery. A Hub cannot be just home delivery as this would require a registered NSW FOOD Authority refrigerated van..

Please be patient with us getting to call you for a chat. We are a community group and have had many applications, which makes us joyful with changing the food system, but we will get to call. When a message is sent (phone, text or email) we appreciate you acknowledging it and reply.


Good communication is fundamental in running a Hub so again please respond to us in a timely fashion. 


When we agree with you that Running a Hub is an available option for you, in that you meet all the criteria, then the next step is:

  1. To set up your Hub

  2. Provide you with marketing information

  3. A Box Divvy Facebook page, set up by Box Divvy, in order to build membership which usually takes 2-3 weeks

  4. Have the Hubster Coach contact you.  


The Registration Form may take a few seconds to download.

If any issue email   info (at)

On your application make sure address and suburb are there.

Become a Box Divvy Hubster

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch in 2 working days.

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