Frequently asked questions

How many people do I need to start a Box Divvy Food Hub?

A Box Divvy Food Hub usually needs 15 families (45 people) to start a Hub. The average Hub is between 20-25 people working together to share boxes. If you have a large family group or a cafe, for example, then your Hub can be small so long as the order is large enough to justify the Hubster and Transport fee. To make it fair the cost of goods across NSW are the same.The difference is in the transport cost to your Hub. There may also be a difference if the Hubster decides to take less than the 12% of the total sold ie a cafe, family group not wanting to add more on the goods cost.

What do I need to start a Box Divvy Food Hub?

To Run a Box Divvy Food Hub you need to understand that you have a committment to providing an ongoing service to your members. You don't just shut the Hub if you go on holidays. See Replacement Hubster requirement - this is a must do. 1. The space approximately 3m x 3m and where you pack must be clean, junk free and tidy. 2. Floor cover - If a concrete or outside area you Must have a drop sheet like a tarp for boxes to be put onto to keep them off the ground. 3. You need fold up tables or appropriate table to put member boxes on for the divvy. 4. Good communication with Box Divvy Administration and your members. Be mindful that we are all working toward the same goal - to change the food system so please be always respectful, patient, communicative and polite. Manage your members expectations. If they ask you a question and you don't know - you don;t know so find out. 5. A computer and printer. 6. For summer we suggest - A space or also known as a thermal blanket. You can purchase on Ebay. 7. Willingness to maintain your Hub membership.You need to be outgoing and willing to engage your members in your food community. 8. Be able to provide good customer service. ** Remember Box Divvy is not for everyone - if the person thinking of joining your Hub wants 1 tomato, 2 carrots then Box Divvy is not for them. Manage that expectation if you hear it and suggest that Box Divvy might not be for them. If they want a FIXED BOX and don't want to login each week then they can just have the Starting Order. .

Is Box Divvy a Franchise?

No. Box Divvy is not a franchise. You do not pay anything to run a Hub. You are connected directly with growers and food wholesalers so at order cutoff you and your members pay for your produce and groceries online. You run your own Box Divvy Food Hub and use the ordering platform to run your Food Hub.

What is a Starting Order?

‘Starting Order’ the Hubster sets up weekly before 10am on Start Order day. The Starting Order is made up from the member WISH LIST vote, the suggested weekly template plus the recommended items sent via email each week. The Starting Order typically is 8-10 items. When the Hubster publishes the order an email goes to members and says: login and customise your Starting Order you can take out up to 3 things. When they take out 3 things they get redistributed to other members. There are 80 apples in a box and the whole box must be sold, hence redistribution to other members when someone decides they don't want it in their Starting Order.

Who is a Hubster?

The Hubster is the person who runs the Hub. They have the Food Hub at their place and coordinate and run the Box Divvy Food Hub.

What is the name of the people who join your Food Hub?

People who join your food Hub are referred to as members.

What is a SPLIT or share box?

After you have done the Starting Order you will see to the right of the order page SPLITS. The Hubster or member select which produce or food items you wish to share. These are the SPLITS or ‘Share Boxes’ located on the right of the ordering page.

The Hubster needs to check not too many are listed there otherwise no one box will get sold. Basically the group pitch in to share them. Some wholesalers will require a minimum order from the group so read requirements carefully.

Note: the member selects a number range ie I'll have 2-4 of passionfruit. The reason is we don't know how many people will share the box until the end. So the system takes the largest number each person requests until the box is sold and then shares it amongst them.

How do I promote my Box Divvy Food Hub?

Your members will be online and we know from experience that Facebook works. So we do give you a Box Divvy Facebook page. You need to use this in conjunction with your personal page to promote the HUb. Ask everyone to like share and follow your page.

Contact Community groups also.

We provide weekly stories and photos plus you use your own ie recipes, what you cooked, price comparisons.

A flyer template is given but use these like a business card when you meet people. Letterbox drops don't really work anymore.

You can purchase Facebook advertisements if you wish to promote your page locally.

Word of mouth is the most powerful means for promoting your Food Hub. Going to local activities like mothers groups, sports functions in your area to promote your Box Divvy Food Hub is a good way to get people involved in your Food Community.

Communication with your Food Hub

Your communication with your members is important. You are Box Divvy and you must provide them with good customer service. If you don’t you will lose them.

Facebook messenger

Whats App group

Set up a private Facebook page (not called Box Divvy)

also put static messages in login message system.

Some Hubsters do a weekly newsletter.

We expect at least 3 posts a week on your public Facebook page - even when your Hub is full. This page is the public face of Box Divvy and part of running a Hub is to do this.

You can schedule through Facebook or use Hootesuite.

Member Service and respect

Your members are important to you and we ask that they show respectful behaviour as you show to them. If they have an issue listen to them and always find a way to resolution.

If they have an issue - acknowledge it. Then see if there is a way to resolution. Please do ask Box Divvy Team for advice. If the member is disrespectful and you can't resolve it you are entitled to bar that member from your Food Hub. But in saying this you should consider a written warning to them first about their behaviour and outline what you expect in the nicest possible but firm way. If you need assistance with this ask The Box Divvy Team.

Quality Control

The produce is approximately 30-40% cheaper than supermarket but it's good quality produce. The farmers have lovingly grown this but they are 'live' plants.

So when you pack for your member check that what you are packing is good quality. The odd growing mark is okay. What you are looking for are cuts or squashing.

Your member paid for the whole box so the 'extras' belong to them. Divvy them proportionally to household size.

You know when you have packed that it is good quality and well packed. So with this in mind members cannot claim spoilt produce. If they have an issue they certainly can discuss it with you. They will generally receive extras of other things each week as you will have extras to give to your members.

If you wish to put in your diary to add extras for that member the following week into their order, do so. You are expected to do some ‘greengrocering’ if needed. This means if you see burnt leaves take them off or one dud strawberry take it out.

In the farmer fresh produce boxes delivered we have allowed about 5% spoilage overall - this is normal. If it’s more then you need to communicate with the supplier online.


Security involves using common sense and Box Divvy take no responsibility for how you conduct your Food Hub. These are suggestions only.

* When members register they put in their postcode and it shows the Hubs in that area.

Members receive addresses once joined.

* On Facebook your address is not shown publicly but an idea of location is shown.

* Do not put your address or phone on Social media.

* Do not invite people into your house unless you know and trust them.

* Make sure if you are doing your divvy at the front that your house at the back is secured.

Members cannot pick up late or outside pick up time unless they have contacted you and asked for this and that you have agreed to it. Members hould not pick up their order the following day. By exception and you take responsibility for their produce quality.

There is a pick up window of 2 hours. If someone wants to pick up after work limit the pick up time. You do not want people coming and going at all times of the day. Manage this carefully otherwise you will have people coming and going at all times of the night. Box Divvy do not want this as it creates a hazard in your relationship with your family and neighbours.

What happens when I go away or am sick?

  • Within 4 weeks of starting you need to email Box Divvy the details of the person you have trained in packing to replace you if sick or away on holidays.

  • You don't close the Box Divvy when you go away.It is important to maintain regular supply of their food to your members. If you don’t you will find you will lose members and make your job difficult.

  • If however, unusual cirmcumstances the group agree to close then you need to notify Box Divvy at least 2 week’s notice and the period that this will occur. Box Divvy need time to sort with farmers/wholesalers and the people who do the delivery.

  • If the break is for longer than an accepted holiday there is no guarantee of same delivery time on restarting the Hub.

Is running a Food Hub messy?

General cleanliness, wash your hands before, during and after packing or use wash gloves. The produce and bread come in that day and out same day. Box Divvy takes back wax and foam boxes. The other boxes use for packing, give to neighbours growing who want to get rid of weeds or recycle bin. Groceries come packed and labelled. Members order this week and receive them the following week. So no food should be sitting around.

How do the transport and Hubster fees work?

Unlike supermarkets and delivery businesses we are transparent with costs - product, transport to Hub and packing costs. (Hubster fee). They appear at the end of a members order so that they can see it. In Sydney only the Hubster fee and Transport costs is included in the prices lower 30-40% than supermarkets. Elsewhere the transort fee will be higher. Everyone in Sydney pays the same for the fruit, veg and groceries. The transport and Hubster fees will be different Hub to Hub. Some Hubsters might take only 5% of the total spend. It's up to them. The transport costs are shared amongst those ordering for produce and food from manufacturers. The Hubster reward charged up to 12% is proportional to what a member spends.

What is the Hubster reward?

The farmers, local growers and food wholesalers are paid $0.65-$0.70cents in every $1 a members spends. The Hubster can take 'up to' 12% of the total spend. Some Hubsters might be a large family and decide they don't wish to take any reward and keep the total spend cheap. Some Hubsters might wish to be competitive with a nearby Hub and reduce their Hubster fee. It is completely up to the Hubster to choose what they wish to charge up to 12% of the total spend. There is no employee or contractor relationship with Box Divvy. You are not retailing but act as a distributor for farmers and food wholesalers. You simply use the ordering platform to run your Box Divvy Food Hub.

Do I need an ABN to run a Box Divvy food Hub?

A Box Divvy Hub is a coop and neighbours join your coop ordering online using the Box Divvy App. You are not retailing or wholesaling so you do not need an ABN. The Hub operates for a few hours a week.

Do I need insurance?

Check your Home & Contents policy and should cover people coming onto your premises? If renting then you'll be checking with management it you can Run a Box Divvy Hub. Check their policy covers people coming onto the premises. Box Divvy will not give insurance advice.

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