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Want to cut

your food bill?


Here's how

Come on the journey with us 
Box Divvy, revolutionising supply chains. We pay farmers fairly by buying direct and purchasing as a group. Low food miles, no packaging, reduce food waste and you join a food community making a difference and good choices so helping reduce our carbon footprint.
A Food Hub is run by someone in your community known as a Hubster. Located at a house, local community centre/group, a fundraiser for scouts or school.
We are a Social Enterprise Business so it is self-sustaining and not requiring Grants like not-for-profit. Hubsters who run the Food Hub do not pay fees to run a Food Hub  - as required in a franchise or marketing pyramid scheme. It is simply a community group incentivised at all levels to help change how the food system currently is working. The group is a flat organisation so the true Food Warrior is the Hubster in their community.
We pay farmers fairly and then profits are channelled back into lowering prices for members.
It's that simple.

Below are details on Joining a Hub, Running a Hub, Why Box Divvy, and How the Ordering System Works.

Join a Box Divvy near you.

Save up to 30% on your produce compared to online supermarkets over the seasonal cycle and grocery items are all good value.


We do not do 'loss leaders' offering produce 'at' or 'below' cost as this means the farmers pay for it as the case in supermarkets. We are 'price takers' and pay farmers what they ask for and what they need to stay in business.

Box Divvy Price comparisons are with online supermarkets and based on a basket for that week. See various Box Divvy Facebook pages for these comparisons. Box Divvy comparisons include the Hubster fee . Not all items will be cheaper than online supermarkets on a given week and it depends on where supply is coming from.

The reason we can offer savings is we don't have complicated storage or supply lines.


How do you save as a member? You buy as a group through your Box Divvy Food Hub directly from farmers and Australian wholesalers using an easy & smart App. which you can use on computer and on your phone.


It means it's fresh. Let's face it. It means you reduce shopping trips, impulse buying, takeaways and so you cut your total food bill in half. Order online and pay online. Pick up from Box Divvy Food Hub or some Hubs offer home delivery for a small fee. 

Run a Box Divvy - a fantastic side-gig

Fit working from home into your lifestyle. This is a smart and easy to run coop using an App that does everything to manage your Hub for you. Box Divvy provide training, coaching and ongoing support. It costs nothing to start a Box Divvy Food Hub but passion and a few basic requirements.  See Run a Hub for more details. 

Why Box Divvy?

The goal: to cut your food bill, without compromising on the quality, freshness and variety of food. With minimal effort, minimal packaging and food miles, and still paying farmers and suppliers a fair price for their produce. 

We want the community to own the food system.

    * No Food Waste

    * Reduced packaging 

    * No storage

Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance

Box Divvy have been a member of the Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance for over 2 years.  The Alliance’s goal is to fight Diabetes Type 2, one of the fast-growing diseases that now affects nearly 1 in 5 Sydney-siders.  Diabetes Type 2 is largely a lifestyle disease, caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. For more information see Western Sydney Diabetes

In order to make a change to people’s consumption habits, we need to tick 3 boxes:

1.    Make fresh food more easily available.  Over the past few decades, many grocery stores have closed, and instead we’re seeing fast food outlets popping up all over Sydney.  Box Divvy Hubs can start anywhere: in people’s garages and carports, in community and neighbourhood centres, and church halls and community gardens.  

2.    Reduce the cost.  Research suggests that if you cut the cost of fruit and vegetables by 35%, consumption will leap by 25%.  We can’t think of a more effective way to get people to eat more fresh and less processed food.

3.    Help turn all this great fresh food into healthy, tasty meals.  Your Hubster and local food bloggers will help you to do this.


The system is easy. You share boxes of fruit, vegetables and groceries with your Hub members & pay online. 

It’s an opt in system. A Split means to share or split a box with others. The group buy in bulk and share but the ordering process means you get what you want . You go in and set up Splits (boxes to share) with other members or Join their Split. Your Hubster, who runs the Hub, expects you to order weekly or the very least fortnightly as you are in their buying group.


You need a credit or debit card to join with Visa or Mastercard on it. We don't take Amex or Maestro or Cash. There is no joining fee.


Join a Hub. Receive a Welcome email with a User Guide.

Ordering has a 3 day order cycle.


  • Splits (Box Sharing)


As soon as the order is published, you can log in and start ordering. The order cycle is 3 days, so there’s plenty of time. After you log in, go to Marketplace: that’s where the action is. In Marketplace you see everything that is offered.

On your phone, on your ipad or your computer.  

  1. In Marketplace, find a product you want and ‘Suggest a Split’. This is box-sharing! Now your fellow Hub members will see this in their Split list, and can join it.

  2. As soon as the minimum has been reached – 6kg of Pink Lady apples, or 3 cauliflowers – the Split is ‘in play’ (it goes from brown to green), and everyone who joins that Split will get whatever number they ordered. 

  3. You can check which Splits have made it into your order during the ordering cycle. You can see your running order value, to help you stay within your budget.

It's really easy to do.

When are cards charged?

At cutoff 9pm. If card declines an auto email warns you reprocessing midday next day (day before Hub day). Declines second time another auto email but the third attempt you will be charged a $5 admin fee.

You must pay before pick up day.


Orders go to farmers they are paid. The day after ie two days after cut-off boxes arrive at Hub. Hubster pack your bag (you drop off bags and containers). Then you pick up from them. Some Hubsters do home delivery if nearby for $7 or above -   but you’d need to ask Hubster if you are on their delivery route.


Your Hubster runs your Box Divvy Food Hub. You as a member communicate with your Hubster directly. Any issues should be courteously addressed to your Hubster within 24 hours of delivery day and present a photo of the issue.

Hubsters will give extras of fruit and veg the following week to make up for any issue or may apply for a credit request in which case your will be refunded.  

Should there be any issues that you believe have been left unresolved by your Hubster or other issue you wish to draw to the Box Divvy Team then please do contact us.


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