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Pay farmers fairly by buying direct and purchasing as a group. Low food miles, no packaging, reduce food waste and you join a food community making a difference and good choices so helping reduce our carbon footprint.
A Food Hub is run by someone in your community known as a Hubster. Located at a house, local community centre/group, a fundraiser for scouts or school.


Below are detail on Joining a Hub, Running a Hub, Why Box Divvy, and How the Ordering System Works.

Join a Box Divvy near you.

Save up to 40% on your grocery shopping. How? You buy as a group through your Box Divvy Food Hub directly from farmers and Australian wholesalers using an easy & smart App. It means it's fresh. Let's face it. It means you reduce shopping trips, impulse buying, takeaways and so you cut your total food bill in half. Order online and pay online. Pick up from Box Divvy Food Hub or some Hubs offer home delivery for a small fee. 


Run a Box Divvy

Fit working from home into your lifestyle. This is a smart and easy to run coop using an App that does everything to manage your Hub for you. Box Divvy provide training, coaching and ongoing support. It costs nothing to start a Box Divvy Food Hub but passion and a few basic requirements.  See Run a Hub for more details. 


Why Box Divvy?

The goal: to cut your food bill, without compromising on the quality, freshness and variety of food. With minimal effort, minimal packaging and food miles, and still paying farmers and suppliers a fair price for their produce. 

We want the community to own the food system.

    * No Food Waste

    * Reduced packaging 

    * No storage

Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance

Box Divvy have been a member of the Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance for over 2 years.  The Alliance’s goal is to fight Diabetes Type 2, one of the fast-growing diseases that now affects nearly 1 in 5 Sydney-siders.  Diabetes Type 2 is largely a lifestyle disease, caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. For more information see Western Sydney Diabetes

In order to make a change to people’s consumption habits, we need to tick 3 boxes:

1.    Make fresh food more easily available.  Over the past few decades, many grocery stores have closed, and instead we’re seeing fast food outlets popping up all over Sydney.  Box Divvy Hubs can start anywhere: in people’s garages and carports, in community and neighbourhood centres, and church halls and community gardens.  

2.    Reduce the cost.  Research suggests that if you cut the cost of fruit and vegetables by 35%, consumption will leap by 25%.  We can’t think of a more effective way to get people to eat more fresh and less processed food.

3.    Help turn all this great fresh food into healthy, tasty meals.  Your Hubster and local food bloggers will help you to do this.


The system is easy. You share boxes of fruit, vegetables and groceries with your Hub members & pay online. 

It’s an opt out system meaning when you don't  want an order you cancel it. You need a credit or debit card to join with Visa or Mastercard on it. We don't take Amex or Maestro. There is no joining fee.


Join a Hub. Receive a Welcome email with a User Guide.

Ordering has a 4 day order cycle.


There are two parts to ordering.

  • Starting Order and

  • Splits (Box Sharing)



If you don’t wish to login just take Starting Order as is. Typically $20-$25 but each Hub is different.

Starting Order 8-10 items. You can take up to 3 things out. Amount you get is based on your household size.  

SPLITS (box sharing) OPT IN. Suggest 1 or 2 boxes to share or join other member suggestions.

  • Fruit Veg comes weekly - You work together as a group divvy the box online, then when box sold goes into your order.

  • You can suspend orders when not wanted but you're expected to order weekly or at least fortnightly.

  • Bread comes weekly min order for whole group $30.

  • Groceries – ORDER THIS WEEK GET NEXT WEEK but you get what you want, freshly roasted nuts on order, packed dried fruit etc on order. In order to make this fresh ORDER this week and Delivery Following week.  Group must reach $75 to get order through. This way we have have no food waste.


When are cards charged?

At cutoff 9pm. If card declines an auto email warns you reprocessing midday next day (day before Hub day). Declines second time another auto email but the third attempt you will be charged a $5 admin fee.

You must pay before pick up day.


Orders go to farmers they are paid. The day after ie two days after cut-off boxes arrive at Hub. Hubster pack your bag (you drop off bags and containers). Then you pick up from them. Some Hubsters do home delivery if nearby for $7 You’d need to ask Hubster.


Your Hubster runs your Box Divvy Food Hub. You as a member communicate with your Hubster directly. Any issues should be courteously addressed to your Hubster within 24 hours of delivery day and present a photo of the issue.

Hubsters will give extras the following week to make up or may apply for a credit request.  

Should there be any issues that you believe have been left unresolved by your Hubster or other issue you wish to draw to the Box Divvy Team then please do contact us.


 Our Local Food Hubs
A safe way to shop

Our suppliers & Hubs have in place

Hygiene, Packing and Social Distancing protocol.

Wave and smile from a distance on pick up.


Community working together

         Come on the journey with us
We're farmers and fed up with the way the food system currently operates.
Our Mission is to provide quality food, pay farmers fairly and make fresh food available at extraordinary prices.
Working together with Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance we have created Box Divvy™.

Pay farmers fairly by buying direct and purchasing as a group. Produce is picked to order.
                  *  Low food miles
                  *  No packaging
                  *  Reduce food waste
                  *  Lower your carbon footprint
            Around 70% is from local growers.
How can we do this?
We do this through community owned and run Food Hubs.

To order you’ll be using the Box Divvy easy & smart ordering App you join a Hub™ & order online with you group.

It connects farmers and food wholesalers directly with your Food Hub so you can get groceries with prices up to 40% less than online supermarkets. Saving you some serious dough on food. 
Profits are directed to lowering prices for members.

You don't need to search for a park, no trolleys, reduced packaging, no food waste plus we have end of week recipes.
A neighbour, known as a Hubster, runs your Food Hub and they offer you nutritionally high food rather than energy high processed food.
Box Divvy is a Social Enterprise business and about building food communities. It is also about caring and sharing. 
No fee to join - you can cancel orders when not wanted BEFORE 'Order Creation'.
Two parts to ordering.
1. STARTING ORDER - can take out 3 things. Roughly $20-$25. How much you get depends on how many people in your household.
2. OPT IN to SPLITS. Let's share boxes.
If you just want a Fixed Box just take the Starting Order.
What? No Box Divvy Hub in your area?
Maybe someone you know wants to start a Box Divvy Hub. They earn good income & only need  3-4 hours a week. There is also no investment to start a Box Divvy Food Hub. Not a franchise. 
                   Unsupermarket now.
Read more under Run a Hub or Join a Hub.

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