Questions about joining a Hub

Frequently asked questions

What information do you need?

If a Box Divvy Hub is not active: Your name, address, phone email, number of people in household, how did you hear about us. You will need a debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) to put into Eway Payment Gateway to set up your Box Divvy Account. If Box Divvy Hub operating: All of the above. You are not charged until your first order goes through at Cutoff for your Hub.

At registration I put in postcode. Then what?

The first thing You get to a map. Hover over for details then select that HUb. Up top you can put postcode or name of suburb. So many ways to search. If there is a Box Divvy Food Hub in your area a list of Hubs will appear with Pick up OR if Home Delivery is offered. Select the one that suits then proceed. If no Box Divvy in your area there is a note at top of map you can fill out showing your interest in joining a Hub. Meanwhile, we strongly suggest you tell neighbours and friends who might like to Run a Hub to start one. Register to Run a Hub.

Does it cost money to join a Box Divvy Food Hub?

When you join you need to put in a debit or credit card (Mastercard or Visa) to set up a Box Divvy account. There is no fee to join.

How does the ordering system work?

Easy. Two sections. There is a 'Starting Order' and you can take 3 things out of it. Then if you wish you can get involved in 'SPLITS' box sharing. These boxes are set up either by your Hubster or you the member each week. The number of items in Starting Order are an indication only obviously as produce will come in different sizes. You will get extras. If you get too many extras ask your Hubster to add less extras. If you couldn't be bothered joining in the 'fun' SPLITS activity just take the Starting Order.

Am on a budget, how do I make my Starting Order small?

Pick a household size of 1 or 2 (depends if you have a lot of large households in your HUb. Ask your Hubster. How do I know what I spend? At the end of MY ORDERS you will see MAX to spend IF all SPLITS are sold that you joined in. The MIN you spend is what you have in the Starting Order.

What is the 'Wish List' VOTE?

On registration you put a 'Wish List' vote of things you like up to 8-10 items and this helps your Hubster (Hub organiser) work out what to put into the 'Starting Order'. DO IT WEEKLY PLEASE. Get in and vote for what you want. You can take out up to 3 things in the 'Starting Order'. You can weekly update your Wish List if you want.

Explain what Household size is?

On registration you put your household size. ie 1 person, 2 people etc. You can change this at anytime BEFORE ORDER CREATION. This is important as this sets how much you will be given in your 'Starting Order'. What is Order Creation? The system works out who is having an order that week and puts out that many empty boxes. Into those empty boxes the Hubster publishes the Starting Order. If you find you are getting too much and you have family of 4 then the following week you can change your household size to 3. BUT befire ORder creation which is the night before the Starting Order is published.

Explain the 'Starting Order'

The Starting Order is set by the Hubster based on your ‘Wish List’, what is in season and good value that week, about 8 to 10 items. You, the member, can take out 3 things. Have a chatwith your Hubster to find out what the average basket cost fo a family of 4 is and this will give you an idea what they set their order at. Note: The number of items in your 'Starting Order' are a GUIDE ONLY. Produce comes in different sizes and so when the Hubster is packing they will use the packing numbers as a guide. It is likely if tomatoes are bigger you will all get fewer but you will get more of other things that are normal size. So be flexible with the count. Some Box Divvy Hubs will have a 'Swap box' at the Hub. If you forgot to take out 3 things you might be able to swap some items. Next step: Then if you want to go into box sharing of produce or groceries……

Is your product organic?

If it is stated. Some Hubs will be purchasing from only Organic Suppliers. Other Box Divvy Hubs will be supplied from small local growers who are mostly spray free. See How we Work with Growers : We are farmers and protect the soil in which we grow produce like all farmers keen to reduce their impact and make their growing sustainable. Box Divvy is keen to reduce chemical input. We have spent ten years developing our relationships with our growers so we know who they are and how they farm.

How fresh is the produce?

About 80% of the produce comes from small local growers. In fact you may find some grown in your neighbourhood. At cutoff the orders go to our farmers and they are paid. They then pick and it comes to the Hub. Usually to the Hub within 24-48 hours of being picked.

Why is there a Number range for the SPLITS?

SPLITS: When going into a box share you are asked to select a number range ie: 'I'll have 2-4 passionfruit'. The reason for this is the box is being shared by several members in your Hub. You don't know until the end of the ordering process how many people are in the share of that box. That item eg: passionfruit might be so popular that a second box is set up and so on. So the range of numbers are flexible. If the produce is larger than normal you will get fewer as the box is done on weight in the APP. You are shown numbers as a guide only. This is organised like a coop - here are boxes of produce - let's share it.

Explain the SPLITS box sharing

This is OPT in. If you want more you can go into ‘box sharing’ known as SPLITS . ie not in bag this week passionfruit. Members or your Hubster puts up “Let’s share this box”. If you want that item then you put in a range ie I want 2 to 4 passionfruit. Reason for number range in Box Share: With one box sold this is distributed among the number of people who chose to share that box. If a member is late getting into the ‘Split’ and a second box is created but is not sold you do not get that item. So be quick to get into the Splits. Don't put too many SPLITS up to share with your group. Please consider when suggesting a Split. If there are tomatoes in the Starting Order and you want more tomatoes perhaps suggest a different sort and it will more likely 'get over the line' (sold).

Do you pay your growers fairly?

We have been working with our growers for so long that we do not screw them down on price. We pay them such that they can earn a fair living income. They have families too. Typically we pay them 65-70cents for every $1 you spend.

About your products?

There is an up to date 'Live' price list here on the website. We have at the moment Shepherds bread, Harkola (lentils, rice, dried fruit etc) This we will add more suppliers as we grow. You can make a request for specific wholesalers to your Hubster.

Do I provide my own bags/containers for my order?

Yes. We aim to cut down on packaging. You need to drop stand up bags to your Box Divvy Hub BEFORE Hub day. Or Get two sets and drop one as you pick up your order. INSULATED BAGS: Provide own insulated self standing bags (like supermarket ones). NAME LABELLED: Clearly name labelled please. CONTAINERS: Provide name labelled containers if ordering nuts, rice, lentils etc. That way you do not have to repack when home. Straight onto your pantry shelf. PRODUCE BAGS: Name labelled. We suggest you provide produce bags for the loose beans, snowpeas, sugar snaps, mushrooms etc. You can use cloth to make them or even the discount stores have washing net bags that are good for produce.

Is there Home Delivery?

Some Box Divvy Hubs will offer Home Delivery. You will see this on selecting your Hub. Home delivery for a flat $7 fee. It's under Your Profile. BUT contact your Hubster to make sure your delivery is on their route. They choose whether they home deliver. Usually you will be near the Box Divvy Hub. The Hubster has the right to choose if they will Home Deliver. This fee is charged through the Box Divvy system. This is also shown separately on your order if you’ve requested this. The Hubster receives 100% of this fee or the person they designate to do the Home Delivery for them.

What costs are involved in ordering through Box Divvy.

You get your produce and groceries direct from the growers and food wholesalers at 30-40% cheaper than supermarkets. The cost of produce and groceries is the same wherever suburb or town you order. Unlike fixed box systems where you get charged a total and have no idea the value in the box at Box Divvy we are transparent. It costs money to bring the produce and food from wholesalers and you will see this as the Transport fee. There is value in organising your Hub, posting educational material, communicating with you, packing your orders, giving time to do this. This is the Hubster fee. There is a subtotal for your produce and below that a Transport cost (shared by everyone in your Hub) and Hubster Admin fee applied proportionally to order. Importantly: when we talk about Box Divvy being at least 30- 40% cheaper than the online major supermarkets, the comparison includes Transport and Hubster fees in the Sydney area. What do I pay? Starting Order (ask Hubster but roughly $20-$25) PLUS if you join SPLITS.

Are there any charges besides the cost of the produce or groceries?

Produce and grocery cost is 30-40% cheaper than supermarkets whichever suburb or town you are in. It is the same. What is different is the transport cost and the Hubster reward known as the Administration fee. Your order shows a sub-total for the produce. Below this produce sub-total are 2 items: TRANSPORT COST As a Hub you share the transport cost of the goods to the Hub. Transport Cost covers the delivery of the orders from wholesalers to the Hub. It’s a fixed cost and when spread between all Hub members, it works out to around $1-2 per member. The bigger the Hub, the lower the cost per member. HUBSTER ADMIN FEE There is value in asking someone to run your Hub, provide edutational material, pack your orders, communicate with you and offer their place for pick up. The Hubster runs their own micro-business and they have a mark-up applied by the Hubster. This can be anywhere between 0% and 12% of the wholesale value of the total order, and rewards the Hubster for running the Hub, setting up the starting order, for packing your order and making their space – garage or veranda – available for Hub mico-business. They do not run a franchsie, pay fees to Box Divvy and not employed by them. They simply use the Box divvy ordering platform. Importantly: when we talk about Box Divvy being at least 30- 40% cheaper than the major online supermarkets, the comparison in Sydney area, includes Transport and Hubster fees. This changes outside of Sydney. They pay the same for the food but hte Transport Cost is different.

Can I cancel orders?

The Box Divvy is an OPT out system. If you do not want an order you must login and suspend BEFORE Order CREATION. Usually the night before, before 9pm, the Starting Order is published the following day. It is expected you will order at least fortnightly as you are taking a position up in the Hub. If you don;t then maybe Box Divvy is not for you. You can suspend up to 6 months ahead. If you are not ordering for a long period you must let your Hubster know otherwise they might suspend your membership for not ordering. They have the right to do this. To check if you have an order or if it is suspended you need to login. There is no email confirming when you cancel orders. If you don't cancel in time we cannot delete that order, but you can minimise your order by taking out 3 things of the Starting Order. You only receive an email saying, 'Login and do your order,' the weeks you have an order.

How do I get my order?

When you have registered you will get your Hub pick up details in your welcome email. You Pick up during the pick up window. If you are running late it is courtesy to let your Hubster know and arrange another pick up time. Some Hubs offer Home Delivery. You cn tick a box under Profile for home delivery but also contact your Hubster to check it's okay as you need to be within their delivery range.

Do you pay your growers fairly?

We have been working with our growers for so long that we do not screw them down on price. We pay them such that they can earn a fair living income. They have families too. Typically we pay the growers 65-70cents for every $1 you spend.

Changes made in ordering system automatically saved.

When you login and update anything in the ordering system, any change you make, are automatically saved. You do not need to save.

What happens if my debit/credit card has been cancelled.

Login and update your card.

I want to cancel this week's order. How do I do that and when by?

You have a standing order unless you cancel your order. You must cancel BEFORE the start of the order cycle (usually 5 days before pick-up). It is too late to cancel an order after Order Creation that is 9pm the night before the Starting Order has been published. If you don't cancel in time there is an order there. You can login and take up to 3 things out of the Starting Order.

Example of Ordering Process

Let’s say your Hub day is Friday. * Cancel order by : Saturday 9pm (6 days before pick-up) If you don’t want an order or want to change household size. * Order published : Sunday (you’ll receive an email, Login and do your order) * Order cut-off : Wednesday 9.00pm No more changes. * Your credit/debit card then charged Wednesday night. (What if my card declines? You will get an email Wednesday night asking you to have sufficient funds and we will retry in 24hours, Thursday night. If it declines again the Box Divvy Team will contact you for payment. It cannot be an Eftpos payment it has to be on your card. If you need to update your card do so. The Hubster will be instructed not to release order until payment. So you will need to contact us info (at) If we have not heard from you, in this example by Friday 2pm, we will instruct the Hubster to donate the order. At our discretion your membership will be put on hold (you'll be expected to pay for the order and it will go to be donated if we don't hear from you) or cancel your membership. ​* Pickup day/time : Friday 2pm – 4pm. Contact your Hubster for alternative pickups.

It's an Opt OUT system.

You get an order every week unless you OPT out and cancel. See below about cancelling orders.

Can I cancel membership and what happens?

Yes, you can cancel membership anytime.

To cancel your membership, please log in and navigate to your Dashboard. Scroll down until you see a button called ‘Leave Hub’. Click it and follow the instructions.

***Please note if you are currently in an order cycle this means you have an order and you will leave the Hub on the date in the cancel confirmation email. This cancel date will not be immediate but when the end of the order cycle for your Hub is allocated.

If you joined when we had a bon you will receive the $30 bond a few days after your date for leaving the Hub. Usually 2-3 days. Note your bank can take up to 5 days to show this on your statement.

After registration in an active Hub you receive a welcome email.

Once you have completed your registration your will receive a Welcome email. Go to your email and find it. Make sure that you have made info (at) ok in your contacts so it won;t go to Spam or Junk. This will tell you where the Hub is and details about the rules of the Hub. It also has a USER GUIDE in it. If you have questions ask your Hubster.Keep this email safely. Put the phone number of your Hubster in your phone. You can message your Hubster through your login under messages, message on the facebook page or they might have a Whats App set up.

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