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Raymond Camilleri – Freeman’s Reach

Raymond Camileri.jpg

Freeman's Reach is a fertile stretch of land north of Richmond and west of Wilberforce, on the northern banks of the Hawkesbury River which secures water access for many growers in this area.

The Camilleris hail from Malta originally, like so many growers still active in the Sydney basin. Raymond and his 2 brothers grow broccoli, corn, capsicum, pumpkin, cauliflowers, eggplant, zucchini, beetroot and silverbeet on about 80 acres of land. He uses either no chemicals (none on his corn, eggplant, pumpkin and silverbeet) or only minimal spraying (broccoli and capsicum, early in the season).

Growing vegetables can be a family affair, and when there is a lot of produce ready for picking, the whole family chips in. We buy a good chunk of whatever Raymond grows because of his quality and freshness is second to none, notwithstanding the occasional grub in the corn. We call it: free protein. The freshness simply comes from the short supply line: you typically receive Raymond’s produce within 48 hours of picking. The only way to get it fresher is grow it yourself.

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