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Joe Camilleri – Freemans Reach

Joe Camilleri, Freemans Reach kale.jpg

Joe Camilleri from Freemans Reach grows his cauliflowers by the moon cycles. He is Raymond’s cousin who grows those wonderful local broccoli….well they both do. Very talented family. Here Joe is harvesting his Kale.

So why by the Moon? We know the moon effects the tides. But did you know the moon effects the amount of moisture in the soil? Yes, it does.

The same gravitational forces pulling the large bodies of water around the world creating high and low tides also affects the water content of the soil. At the time of the full moon more moisture is in the soil as it is being pulled upward. The increased moisture encourages growth.

Farmers are in tune with the cycles of weather patterns including the phases of the moon, wind and seasonal sun shift. Currently if is a Waning Gibbous moon (after a full moon means more than half of the moon is illuminated) in November.

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