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Free Range Eggs

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Most of us want the assurance that our eggs come from cruelty free producers who operate in a sustainable manner.

Our free range eggs mostly come from the Hunter Valley region with up to 950 chickens per hectare. Dora Creek, a hamlet on the shores of Lake Macquarie, just north of Morisset. Dora Creek is home to 500 people and a few thousand free range chooks who lay fresh, chemical-free, antibiotic-free eggs. Roaming in a predator-free environment is good for a stress-free life. Chickens do better when they can grub, adding worms and vegetation to their diet. Their eggs are better too.

Whilst they have green pastures: they’re lush and an excellent place to relax - a Chook Med holiday park for free ranging chickens – the reality is that chickens tend to hang around the sheds where their egg boxes are. Another reason is that they don’t like aerial predators like hawks nor the kind that slink, foxes. Those of you who have chickens will know this. They also have a farm at Stroud.

Members picking up eggs from Hub: The Free Range eggs come prepacked at this time.

* Note: On occasion when there are egg supply issues we reserve the right to access other Free Range eggs for members during those times

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