We invite you to join our food community, Run a Food Hub and be your own boss.

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Become a Food Warrior for your neighbourhood. Start a Food Hub and earn income. Seasonally around 60-70%, especially the greens, are local and Sprayfree. All Backyard Growers are Sprayfree. We know our local growers, and by local they are within 200km of Sydney.

When we purchase from interstate we have not met with these growers so we state it's conventionally grown.

Box Divvy are food coops with a difference. No market runs, collecting cash, working out how to divide the produce. Use a Smart App to order together and get more of what you want.

Running you own small business can be scary so we've made it fun, rewarding and easy to do.

We want you to be successfully running a micro business that will change the way the food system currently works. You are given a Hub management tool (the Box Divvy App), a Hubster Coach, all the marketing materials you need, training and ongoing support. There's no investment in starting a Box Divvy Food Hub.

Box Divvy is a Passion Project but you do earn some income from running a Hub providing your neighbours with fresh produce and groceries up to 40% less than supermarkets. There's no storage, no long distribution channels, no food waste, and reduced carbon footprint. 

Box Divvy Hubsters and members get to know their farming families and backyard growers through you. We're now 7,000 families working together changing the food system by supporting local farmers, backyard growers including beekeepers, Australian farmers and grocery wholesalers.

If you'd like to Register your interest there's a button above to Register and we'll get back for a chat and more information.


Overview for running a Food Hub

The Food Hubs are offering both Sprayfree/conventional NSW & Canberra.

                * No Contracts    *Costs nothing to start a Box Divvy Food Hub

* Earn income -  the average Hubster income is currently is $50-$60 per hr.   (Conventional/Sprayfree)

  You have the opportunity to earn more.

* No market run, no money collection.

* Easy divvy – 3-4 hours per week but this depends on size of Hub. This includes communications.

* Need a covered packing area, like a garage or carport out of the sun and weather.

* Internet access: a computer or ipad, printer..

* Facebook savvy - you are active on Facebook and currently have an online community.


You need to be connected online with your community and active posting on Facebook. Why? Because your members will be online too.

Note: Box Divvy Team will set up a Facebook page for you under the name Box Divvy and then you are invited to be an editor of the page. Box Divvy will run all other Social Media.


Overview for running a Food Hub


Are you currently a food cooperative? This will be ideal. No more collecting money, trying to figure out what to buy, no more having to go to the market. Sounds like heaven?!? You need to have a chat with us.


Box Divvy's box-sharing ordering App connects your directly with farmers and food wholesalers and you will join a supportive community of Hubsters across Greater Sydney and Canberra.

What do I do to Run a Box Divvy Hub?

The person who runs the Hub is called a Hubster, that's you, and coordinate the Hub.

You need:

    * An area out of weather, covered, a space for you to pack like a carport or garage.

       If in a townhouse or unit you must get permission from management to run it.

       Plus make sure your neighbours are on board with what you are doing.

       Always make sure your neighbours know what you are doing and supportive.

    * 3-4 hours a week (based on 25 families) so if larger then more time input.

    * You need to be available to communicate with your members and pack their orders.

    * To be socially connected and able to do run a Facebook page  - Box Divvy set up for you.

    * You need an ABN and we will give you the link to get one if not have one. Easy to do.

    * Your Facebook page needs to be active.

    * We set up Hub, you promote on Facebook (Box Divvy page, your page plus local groups), 

       people pre-register to join.

    * To start you have15 families minimum then build to 25 families plus.

    * Twice a year do a traffic audit to make sure there is no issues with pick up.

You do not collect money. You do not retail or store food.

The Box Divvy Hub is connected via the App directly with the farmers and food wholesalers. Members order and pay for their orders online. It's a passion project, like any coop so you need to be passionate about changing the food system.

Get your neighbours on board with your Passion project as they are the ones who will join your Hub and save. Large families will especially benefit with savings and delight in being part of a community.

After you start your Hub you need to find a Replacement Hubster, someone living outside your place, for filling in in case you:

  • Get sick

  • Go on holiday

  • Have work commitments

  • Have an emergency

We don't close except between Xmas and New Year for 2 weeks.

Farming families and family wholesalers rely on us to stay open PLUS your members.

Can it be PICK UP and Home Delivery?

You pack and members pick up from you during a 2 hour pick up window on the same day.


OPTIONAL: Home delivery - If you want, you can offer home delivery which members pay $7.00 Sydney area. You can outsource this if you wish.

We'd love to have a chat so register your interest above and we'll catch up with you.