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Run a Box Divvy Food Hub

* Earn income ($30-40 per hr)

* No market run, no money collection

* Easy divvy – 2-3 hours per week

* Need a covered packing area, a computer or ipad, printer, internet access

* Facebook savvy so you can post and promote your Hub online

* Create your own food community

Overview for running a Food Hub

Want to earn income?

                                      * from home

                                      * for your group to fundraise funds

                                      * at your school or business or

                                      * for a community group wanting to get access to inexpensive food


Are you currently a food cooperative? This will be ideal. No more collecting money, trying to figure out what to buy, no more having to go to the market. Sounds like heaven?!? You need to have a chat with us.


Box Divvy's box-sharing ordering platform connects your directly with farmers and food wholesalers. Community owned.

You will join a supportive community of Hubsters across Sydney.


A hygiene and packing protocol is in place. You will be advised of this.

What do I do to Run a Box Divvy Hub?

The person who runs the Hub is called a Hubster they coordinate the Hub.

You need:

    * To be socially connected and able to do run a Facebook page which we set up for you.

    * We set up Hub, you promote on Facebook, people pre-register to join.

    * To start you have15 families minimum then build to 25 families.

Once your Box Divvy Hub is up and ready to go:

1. You set up 'Starting Order' s each week based on member 'Wish List Vote';

2. You manage the Hub:

                                        ^  the 'Splits' (box sharing)

                                        ^  receive the produce & groceries

                                        ^  pack the orders based on the 'Packing Sheet'

                                        ^  make sure everyone has either picked up or

                                                you can offer home delivery

                                        ^  blog on Facebook several times a week - schedule this

                                        ^  maintain membership numbers 

The Box Divvy Hub is connected via the App directly with the farmers and food wholesalers. Members order and pay for their orders online.

The Hubster receives an income based on Hub sales.

You own the Box Divvy Food Hub so you run it like your own 2-3 hour a week micro business.

REPLACEMENT HUBSTER not living with you.

You must have someone living outside your place of packing to take over in case you:

  • Get sick

  • Go on holiday

  • Have work commitments

  • Have an emergency

We don't close except between Xmas and New Year.

Farming families and family wholesalers rely on us to stay open PLUS your members.

See FAQ to see more details but here is a summary.  


What do I need to start a Hub?

The requirements to start and run a Hub are pretty basic:

You need to have an outgoing personality wanting to connect with your community and connected on facebook.

1. A clean, tidy packing space such as a garage, carport, veranda or room that

2. Measures roughly at least 2 x 3m in size. Enough for 2-3 fold tables

3. Have reasonable access for deliveries. A trolley brings in boxes (no stairs, steep driveways etc)

4. A covered area which is protected from the elements


Some basic tools and materials:

+ Produce bags (more about this later: we aim to minimise any packaging)

+ Scissors, sticky tape, a pen or texta

+ For a garage or outdoor area need a clean tarp or plastic cover for produce boxes to be put on

+ A computer or an ipad, basic printer or hand write labels A4 paper and internet access

+ Tables - 2-3 tables to put members’ boxes and bags on.

Does a Hub need a minimum number of members?


Need15 (45 people) families to start and build that number to 25 families once started. The cost of goods are the same for every Hub in New South Wales, it's just the transport cost, shared with members, that's different and it's a minimal charge. Note in Sydney Hubster and Transport fee is included in the statement: prices 30-40% lower than online supermarkets. The price comparison is done on Starting order and doesn't include supermarket Specials in comparison.

You're sharing boxes between all the members in the Hub. A box of 80 apples in a box need to be share amongst the members. So you need enough members to make this work.


How long do I have to build my Hub Membership?

On average 3-4 weeks. If after 6 weeks you don't having anything happening we will close the Hub.


We give you a Facebook page, marketing material so you need to be prepared to make the effort to promote your Hub. It doesn't happen by itself.

What if I'm sick or going away?

You have a responsibility running the Hub to the farmers, to the logisitc people and to your members to keep the Hub open so the Hub doesn't close except the two weeks between Christmas and New Year.


At least within 4 weeks of your Hub starting you need to have trained a Replacement Hubster to do what you do. If you're sick, away, work commitment, emergency you have someone to pack the Hub and another location if need be. You must let Box Divvy know in pleanty of time to organise drivers. You organise payment to them.


You must submit their details at end of four weeks open to Box Divvy.


Hub can it be PICK UP and Home Delivery?

You pack and members pick up from you during a 2 hour pick up window on the same day.


Home delivery - If you want, you can offer home delivery which members pay $7.00. You can outsource this if you wish.

SATELLITE Box Divvy Hubs and earn more.


Can I pack, take the orders to someone else's place for pick up by members?

Yes. You can become a 'Super Hubster'. You can create lots of 'satellite' Box Divvy Hubs. You run the Hub, pack then take the orders to someone else's place.


It means you can grow your Box Divvy business. Same requirement though in that you must have a Replacement Hubster in place. You get 10% of what is spent by your members and the Hosting (Satellite) Hub gets 2%. There is no delivery charge by you to the Hosting Hub. It's a way to expanding your business.

 Our Local Food Hubs
A safe way to shop

Our suppliers & Hubs have in place

Hygiene, Packing and Social Distancing protocol.

Wave and smile from a distance on pick up.


Community working together

         Come on the journey with us
We're farmers and fed up with the way the food system currently operates.
Working together with Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance we have created Box Divvy™.
Pay farmers fairly by buying direct and purchasing as a group.
                  *  Low food miles
                  *  No packaging
                  *  Join a food community
            Around 70% is from local growers.
               Make a difference
       Reduce your carbon footprint
How? Using the Box Divvy ordering platform you join a Hub™ & order online with our group. Join a Box Divvy Food Hub™ in your area (Sydney & Central Coast at the moment).
It's a fresh food & grocery online box sharing system using an App for ordering. It connects farmers and food wholesalers directly with your Food Hub so you can get groceries with prices
roughly 30% less than online supermarkets. Saving you some serious dough on food.
You have someone in your community, your Hubster, who is passionate about real food.
No fee to join - you can cancel orders when not wanted BEFORE 'Order Creation'.
Two parts to ordering.
1. STARTING ORDER - can take out 3 things. Roughly $20-$25. How much you get depends on how many people in your household.
2. OPT IN to SPLITS. Let's share boxes.
If you just want a Fixed Box just take the Starting Order.
What? No Box Divvy Hub in your area?
Maybe someone you know wants to start a Box Divvy Hub. They earn good income & only need  2-3 hours a week. No investment needed. Not a franchise. 
                   Unsupermarket now.
Read more under Run a Hub or Join a Hub.

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