* Groceries priced 30-40% less than supermarkets

* Direct from farmer/wholesaler

* Super Fresh - picked 24-48 hours before delivery

* Fruit, veg, eggs, bread and groceries

* Reduced packaging, food miles

* Pick up from neighbour or home delivery if offered by your Hub

A Food Hub is located at your neighbour’s house, local community centre/group, a fundraiser for scouts, school or located at a business like a cafe. You order online and pickup. Some Food Hubs may offer home delivery so you should ask them. All communication is done through your Food Hub coordinator known as a Hubster.

To find a Hub click on Register to Join a Hub above. To speak with a Hubster in your area - Go To Facebook and search under Box Divvy (suburb) and select the Hub in your area. You can Facebook message the Hubster.

The process:

* Members order together with their Hub members online.

* You work as a group sharing boxes of  produce.

* For Bread there is a minimum total Hub spend of $30.

* For Groceries there is a minimum total Hub spend of $75. Select what you want. The wholesaler for groceries freshly roasts nuts, packs the goods so you order this week, pay and the groceries are delivered the following Hub week. Groceries come in soft plastics that can be recycled and labelled. 

The produce and groceries go to your Hub, the Hubster packs the orders, the member picks up from Hub or some, not all, Hubs offer home delivery. Ordering process described below.

The FAQ  answers questions about joining, ordering, pricing, paying, cancelling. 

So, how do I cut my food bill?

On average you will save 30-40% on your order compared to online supermarket pricing. There may be exceptions when the market is volatile due to weather emergencies and other unforseen crisis.

Check out Box Divvy Instagram where you will find Price Comparisons.

This is best illustrated by using an example:




















Farmers typically receive 65-70c in every dollar you spend, and they’ll receive it within days of you placing the order.  By contrast, of your supermarket dollar, farmers receive less than 30c – and they often have to wait 30-60 days to get paid, as these are the standard terms by which the major supermarkets operate.

Box Divvy takes produce straight from where it is produced, to where you collect it: to the Hub. So there is no added costs for infrastructure like storage facilities, high shop electricity bills, huge food waste.


Our prices are compared to online supermarket pricing.  So Box Divvy help you to take control of the food supply chain.

How does the ordering work?


You are ordering fruit veg, bread and groceries as a group. You pay individually for your order.

The Box Divvy system is OPT OUT so you can suspend orders before order cycle starts. It's expected that you will order weekly and if not, then 'at least' fortnightly.


1. Starting Order (must have) 8-10 items you can take out up to three. Amount based on household size. Items based on group weekly Wish List Vote. Cost typically $20-$35. 


If you don't want to login then take the Starting Order but do a "WISH LIST VOTE' each week so your Hubster knows what to put in the Starting Order. 

2. Want more? Opt In. SPLITS (Let’s split a box). You suggest a box or join someone else’s box. When a box is sold it goes into your order.


Like Aldi you'll get most of what you want but not everything. Absolutely amazing value though. In most Hubs members are getting around 80-90% of these extra requests for fruit and veg in SPLITS over the line.

Bread are in SPLITS, has a minimum total Hub order of $30 and you can pick what you want - 1 loaf of this and that.

Groceries - the supplier freshly roast the nuts and packs the groceries. So order and pay this WEEK but delivery is the following week. The minimum group total order for groceries is $75. Some Hubs have fortnightly grocery wholesaler shopping.


First thing please make      info (at) boxdivvy.com.au    okay in your Contacts otherwise communications may go into your Junk or Spam folder.

There is no registration fee. You need a Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard only. No AMEX, DINERS or Maestro).

It's a secure payment system through Eway payment Gateway -  www.eway.com.au

When you register to join a Hub you set your household size ie: 2 person, 3 people etc which determines how much you get in the Start Order. You can change this at anytime before Order Creation.

'Wish List Vote'.  Put in a weekly Wish List Vote so your Hubster knows what to put in the Starting Order. 

'Starting Order'. This is set up by your Hubster 8-10 produce items (fruit veg only). When Starting Order is published you can login and take up to 3 things out. You cannot alter number of items in each produce as number are set by your household size. The numbers in your Starting Order are an indication only because produce will come in different sizes. If big carrots you'll get fewer but you'll get extras of other things that you've ordered.

If you forget to take out three things from your Starting Order, don't worry. There is a SWAP BOX at the Hub and you can exchange.

'Splits' or box sharing. Get in early to Join and suggest a Split.


ORDER CYCLE  - example only

Hub day on a Tuesday

Order Creation: Wednesday 9pm Under MY ORDERS if you don't want an order suspend order for that coming week. Tick Box next to date range. If you want to adjust Household size up or down. System looks to see who has an order and creates that many empty boxes.

Starting Order: Thursday - Hubster puts together a Starting Order and PUBLISHES it. Members receive an email saying, "Login in and customise Order."

Ordering: Thursday to Sunday 9pm. Login. Take up to 3 things out of Starting Order and if want more then join SPLITS. Do this early so not to miss out.

Cut-off Sunday 9pm

Card charged  Sunday 10pm . If payment declines you will receive an email that it will be recharged 24 hours later. If declines again the Box Divvy Team will be in contact with you. You will be charged $5 for manually reprocessing the payment. You cannot pick up until this has been paid.

Receipt You will receive a receipt from Eway if you have a declined or approved payment. Check you have a receipt which means your order has been processed. 

Delivery day Tuesday. Pick up from Hubster or if home delivery then organise with Hubster. There is a tick box for home delivery on Profile page but speak with Hubster please to see if on their route. Then tick the box.


You can see Past Orders under MY ORDER.  

When do I put in Credit/Debit card?

If Hub is Not yet active or active you put in card details. You do this on a secure page to  Eway Payment Gateway site. Debit or Credit card (Mastercard or Visa only). If a Hub is a Waiting List Hub and you register again you will put in your card details. When we activate the Hub then this has been done. You are not charged anything until your first order goes through. Note there is a daily certificate update on our website showing security.

What is a Box Divvy Account?

You set up your card. This is charged when you have an order.

On the night of the order cut-off, your card will be charged to the value of your order including the Hubster fee and Transport fee which is shared between the members. Please make sure you have sufficient funds.

What if the transaction declines?

If your transaction fails, you’ll receive a receipt from Eway plus an email from Box Divvy and we will attempt to re-process within 24 hours. Should it fail again Box Divvy Team will contact you via email. There will be a $5.00 recharge fee for manually processing the third repayment for the order. Should you fail to pay for this order you may not collect it and your membership will be, at our discretion, either put on hold or cancelled. We are not a corporation but a community group so we expect you will honour your payments in a timely fashion. You will be liable for payment of that order regardless if you choose not to pick up.

On my order at the end are listed shared payments shared for transport and Hubster reward. What are these?

At Box Divvy we are transparent with our fees which are included in the savings of prices less by 30-40% than online supermarkets. We show this rather than building them into the cost of the items because everyone in Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, South etc all pay the same for the produce and groceries. But their transport fee will be different. So for Sydney the transport fee for the produce and groceries are separate and shown at the end of your payment. It is not much, usually between $1-2, and is included in the 30-40% cheaper than online supermarkets in Sydney. If you live on the Central Coast then you can expect to pay a bit more.

The other fee you will see is the Hubster Reward up to12% of the total spend by the Hub also included in the 30-40% cheaper than supermarket. The Hubster is paid to pack, organize and promote the Hub. 


Can I change my household size?

When you set up your PROFILE for your account you will be asked the size of your household - how many you are purchasing for? This household size determines the number of items in your ‘Starting Order’. The numbers are a guide only as produce comes in different sizes. So if two in your household put 2. If you change your mind and want more in the 'Starting Order' then you can increase the household size before Order Creation.

I’m on a budget. Can I keep to that?

Yes, you can spend as little or as much as you want but the guide is your Starting Order roughly between $20-$25. Speak to your Hubster as it will vary Hub to Hub depending on Starting Order size, your household size and how many items you take out of your Starting Order.


At the bottom of your order, on MY ORDER tab, it will show current total plus Hubster fee and transport fee.


Note that in any fixed box system they include all costs ie: you purchase a $50 box with $30 of produce and pay an additional $20 for other but you don't know what the 'other' is.


At Box Divvy we want to change the food system and one of the ways is to make the process more transparent

Transport fee -  It costs money to get the produce from the farmer and food wholesalers to the Hub.

Hubster fee - There is a value on someone organising your Hub, providing information and educational material,  packing  your order and answering your questions.


So under the MY ORDER tab - Below it will say Maximum Pending which include the confirmed Starting Order and the Splits in progress. If you assume all Splits that you joined get sold the Max pending shows you the maximum you will be charged. So it you wish to adjust this, go in early in the order cycle, and back out of Splits. Do this early as it affects everyone else in the redistribution of the produce. The box of apples has to be re-shared within the group of people who have joined that SPLIT.

I run a café: can I order your produce for my kitchen?

Yes, you can, but bear in mind that our product range is geared towards household consumers, not hospitality.  You will find that some products you use a lot – e.g. 2kg tubs of sauce or mayonnaise – will not be available through Box Divvy.

Initially, our delivery will be confined to once a week – but as we grow, we expect to deliver to some areas 2-3 times a week. However, we don’t know how quickly this will happen.



Some information: Joining, ordering, pricing, paying, cancelling.  Refer to FAQ for more detail.

How do I find a Hub?



What if I can't find a Hub?

If there is no Hub the Registration Form will say,

No Hub has opened up in your area, but please register your interest so we can keep you posted!

We will contact you when a Hub is available.

Important - please read before registering:


- You have a standing order unless you cancel your order. You must cancel BEFORE the start of the order cycle (usually 5 days before pick-up). If you don't cancel in time, you will have a Starting order and will be charged. Even if you cancel Box Divvy membership, after Order Creation, that order will be there for that coming week. and you are expected to pay for it


- You can skip weeks, or have a fortnightly order - but if you only want to purchase occasionally, Box Divvy is probably not for you.


- You are buying as a member of a larger group. Items in SPLITS will only be added to the Hub order if the minimum quantity is reached: either the whole box (e.g. 10kg) is sold, or the supplier's minimum order value (e.g. $30) is reached. That means you may not get everything you wanted (but what you'll receive, you'll get at incredibly low prices).




- If I decide Box Divvy is not for me and wish to cancel membership how do I do that?

Go to Dashboard, click on that. See 'Leave Hub 'button click on that. You receive an email confirming cancellation. Look at date when 'Leaving the Hub'. You may have an order this coming week if you cancel membership after Order Creation.

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 Our Local Food Hubs
A safe way to shop

Our suppliers & Hubs have in place

Hygiene, Packing and Social Distancing protocol.

Wave and smile from a distance on pick up.


Community working together

         Come on the journey with us
We're farmers and fed up with the way the food system currently operates.
Working together with Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance we have created Box Divvy™.
Pay farmers fairly by buying direct and purchasing as a group.
                  *  Low food miles
                  *  No packaging
                  *  Join a food community
            Around 70% is from local growers.
               Make a difference
       Reduce your carbon footprint
How? Using the Box Divvy ordering platform you join a Hub™ & order online with our group. Join a Box Divvy Food Hub™ in your area (Sydney & Central Coast at the moment).
It's a fresh food & grocery online box sharing system using an App for ordering. It connects farmers and food wholesalers directly with your Food Hub so you can get groceries with prices
roughly 30% less than online supermarkets. Saving you some serious dough on food.
You have someone in your community, your Hubster, who is passionate about real food.
No fee to join - you can cancel orders when not wanted BEFORE 'Order Creation'.
Two parts to ordering.
1. STARTING ORDER - can take out 3 things. Roughly $20-$25. How much you get depends on how many people in your household.
2. OPT IN to SPLITS. Let's share boxes.
If you just want a Fixed Box just take the Starting Order.
What? No Box Divvy Hub in your area?
Maybe someone you know wants to start a Box Divvy Hub. They earn good income & only need  2-3 hours a week. No investment needed. Not a franchise. 
                   Unsupermarket now.
Read more under Run a Hub or Join a Hub.

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