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Families and singles are looking for ways to reduce their shopping bills, packaging, food waste and support local farmers. We've created this community owned and run group to do just that.


Box Divvy is unique group of food coops that are changing the way we think about shopping. With this community there is no more looking for a parking spot, no more trolleys, no more trying to figure out what to buy that's good for you to eat.


Box Divvy only offer nutritionally high foods. No high energy junk foods. If you want to know more then read How We Work With Our Growers


So, join our community run food coops using an easy, smart App to order online box sharing with other members.

You get more of what you want at prices up to 40% less than supermarkets.

* Fruit, Veg, Groceries, Bread, Eggs, and Chill (sustainable restaurant quality meat, seafood, chicken.

  This is home delivered by Box Divvy 25% less than supermarkets).

* Direct from farmer/wholesaler. No storage.

* Super Fresh - picked 24-48 hours before delivery

* Reduced packaging, food miles

* No food waste as it's picked to order

* Pick up from neighbour or home delivery if offered by your Hub

Want to see Products & Prices?

Every Hubster has a Facebook page but you can view the main Box Divvy Facebook   Or

check out Box Divvy Instagram which has a great summary of all things Box Divvy.

Why not Like Follow us?  You'll learn heaps about freshly picked produce and delicious meal ideas.

Ordering is easy. Everyone has a Start Order and how much you get in that is based on household size. You need to be flexible as it's a coop. So handfuls of things and you'll generally get more than you've paid for. Some weeks less of something and more of something else.  


Then you can choose to go into Splits - box sharing. Here you work as a team to buy boxes as a group. There's no food waste here. We also have a heap of end of week recipes to help families manage what is left over before next Hub day. Your Hubster will share these with you.

To join: First find a Hub  

A Box Divvy Food Hub is located at your neighbour’s house, local community centre/group, a fundraiser for scouts or school. You order online and pickup. Home Delivery? Ask the Hubster who runs the Hub. 

To speak with a Hubster in your area - Go To Facebook and search under Box Divvy (suburb) and select the Hub in your area. You can Facebook message the Hubster.

The process:

* Members order together with their Hub members online.

* You work as a group sharing boxes of produce.

The ordering App is contained in our website for security. It's easy and smart to use.

How It Works:

The order cycle is 4 days.

PART 1   START ORDER - everyone gets this - Fruit Veg only

Everyone gets a Start Order but the amount you get is based on family size. You can take out up to 3 things. Typically there are 6-10 basics in the order. The cost for each Start Order is different for each Hub (roughly $20-$30).

PART 2   SPLITS (Let's split a box or share a box?) - OPT IN - more fruit, veg, bread, eggs, groceries.

Then you'll want more produce, groceries, bread, eggs so you go to the SPLITS (box Sharing) Tab.

You can nominate 1 to 2 boxes or JOIN a box another member has suggested. You choose the minimum and maximum amount you are happy to take of that produce. Example: Happy to take min 2 apples but ok to take 4 max to get box sold.

NOTE: You order and pay for fruit, veg, eggs, bread this week and receive in this week's order. The Groceries, coffee etc you order and pay this week but it arrives the following week. The suppliers need a week to get the orders sorted. The Meat, Seafood and Chicken is offered monthly to the Hubs and you will have it 'home delivered' on a Saturday.

At Order Cut-off cards are charged. Orders go in and a day later turn up at the Hub for your Hubster (person who runs the Hub) to pack your order. You pick up from them or they might home deliver.

You must pay before Hub day. You'll have registered a CREDIT or DEBIT Visa or Mastercard on sign up. Should your card decline, first attempt,  you get an automated email alert saying it will recharge, second attempt, midday the following day (day before delivery). Should it decline a second time Box Divvy will 'manually' chase up payment plus there is a $5 recharge fee.

How it works:

Two parts to ordering: Start Order and SPLITS (Box Sharing).


For Start Order you can have your say by doing a 'Wish List Vote'. This is a Vote and your Hubster will get a summary of everyone's wishes.

Fruit and veg only in Start Order.

How much you get in Start Order is based on household size. When Start Order is published, you get an email alert and you can then take up to 3 things out. Ooops. Forgot? Don't worry. There's a SWAP BOX at the Hub and you can exchange. (When Covid Rules not in place).

We're a Social Enterprise so we care about those doing it tough. Some Hubs turn their Swap box into a  Kindness Box for a family in need. Ask your Hubster about this as you may wish to donate more to it.

IN SPLITS (box sharing) OPT IN

Fruit, Veg, Groceries, Bread, eggs, and Chill (meats).

Fruit, veg, bread, eggs you pay and delivered this week to the Hub.

**Groceries take more time to organise so you pay this week and collect following week.

There is minimum the group must achieve for the following.  

* For Bread there is a minimum Total Hub spend of $30.

* For Groceries there is a minimum Total Hub spend of $75. Select what you want but be ready to jump in and help, if need, to add more to get the box sold.

The reason why you wait a week - The wholesaler for groceries freshly roast nuts, packs the goods so you order this week, pay and the groceries are delivered the following Hub week.

Groceries come in soft plastics that can be recycled.

So, how do I cut my food bill?

On average you will save up to 40% on your order compared to online supermarket pricing. There may be exceptions when the market is volatile due to weather emergencies and other unforeseen crisis.

Check out Box Divvy Instagram @boxdivvy where you will find Price Comparisons.

This is best illustrated by using an example:


Farmers typically receive 65-70c in every dollar you spend, and they’ll receive it within days of you placing the order.  By contrast, of your supermarket dollar, farmers receive less than 30c – and they often have to wait 30-60 days to get paid, as these are the standard terms by which the major supermarkets operate.

Box Divvy takes produce straight from where it is produced, to where you collect it: to the Hub. So there is no added costs for infrastructure like storage facilities, high shop electricity bills, huge food waste.


Our prices are compared to online supermarket pricing.  So Box Divvy help you to take control of the food supply chain.

When do I put in Credit/Debit card?

Usually you do this at registration and your information stays with Eway Payment Gateway.

You need a Debit or Credit card (Mastercard or Visa only). A Debit Card needs a Visa or Mastercard logo on it and you should be able to get from the bank easily. 

I’m on a budget. Can I keep to that?

Yes, you can spend as little or as much as you want but the guide is your Starting Order roughly between $20-$25. Speak to your Hubster as it will vary Hub to Hub depending on Starting Order size, your household size and how many items you take out of your Starting Order.

We're transparent.

At Box Divvy we want to change the food system and one of the ways is to make the process more transparent. You will see at the bottom of MY ORDER - 

Transport fee -  It costs money to get the produce from the farmer and food wholesalers to the Hub.

Hubster fee - There is a value on someone organising your Hub, providing information and educational material,  packing  your order and answering your questions.

What if I can't find a Hub?

If there is no Hub the Registration Form will say,

No Hub has opened up in your area, but please register your interest so we can keep you posted!

We will contact you when a Hub is available.

Important - please read before registering:


- You have a standing order unless you cancel your order. You must cancel BEFORE the start of the order cycle (usually 5 days before pick-up). If you don't cancel in time, you will have a Starting order and will be charged. Even if you cancel Box Divvy membership, after Order Creation, that order will be there for that coming week. and you are expected to pay for it


- You can skip weeks, or have a fortnightly order - but if you only want to purchase occasionally, Box Divvy is probably not for you.


- You are buying as a member of a larger group. Items in SPLITS will only be added to the Hub order if the minimum quantity is reached: either the whole box (e.g. 10kg) is sold, or the supplier's minimum order value (e.g. $30) is reached. That means you may not get everything you wanted (but what you'll receive, you'll get at incredibly low prices).