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Spring Onions grown in Orchard Hills Pau

Spring Onions grown in Orchard Hills

by Paul and Sylvia Vella.


A neighbourhood grower, supplying into the Glenmore Park and Toongabbie Box Divvy Food Hubs. They are professional growers so they don’t need a soil test. Should you grow and wish to sell your produce into the local Box Divvy Hub you need to have a soil test ($25) at Macquarie Uni and we then ok for you to proceed and details how to sell into your local Box Divvy Food Hub.


Paul and Sylvia Vella grow in Orchard Hills, Sydney. Their Spring onions grow all year round but there can be breaks between vegies in their patches in order to new start a new crop.


Paul is a 4th generation grower. Wow! Imagine the knowledge and passion he must have. He was a farmer from Plumpton whilst living in Walters Road Blacktown.


He tells us:

       My dad started farming in Parklea. I married Sylvia and we started a farm on

      Douglas Rd, Blacktown and then moved to Orchard Hills in 1995. Yes, there w

      were farms in Blacktown.

      So, we have been growing spring onions for 26 years.  


Spring onions are sometimes called bunching onions because they tend to grow in bunches in the ground. They are great for companion planting as they let off a smell which hides other herbs and plants growing near them and this confuses the insects. Clever, eh?


On the rare occasion if we are attacked by black aphids or other bugs and we need to spray we have a withholding period, from picking, for spring onions of 14 days to give the plant time to completely rid itself of any residue.


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