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Calling all Backyard Growers.

**We have temporarily suspended any applications at this time. we will relaunch toward end of 2024 when we will have automated this to make it easier for growers. We will announce when we get close to having this done.


Hello backyard growers of fruit and vegetables in Sydney, Central Coast, South and North Coast, and Blue Mountains.

Join us on the facebook page also Backyard Growers Box Divvy for conversations around growing.

Registration interest here:

Register Interest - Backyard Grower | BOX DIVVY

**Please do not approach Box Divvy Hubs directly. Hubsters are not able to list you on the ordering Marketplace.


Box Divvy is a Social Enterprise self sustaining business. The Food Hubs are community owned and run.

The Food Hubs are like coops but use a smart and easy to use App to manage the Hub and for members to order online. Simply the App puts member in contact with growers and food wholesalers. You actually get to know who grew your food.

Our partners, Western Sydney Diabetes, aim to encourage eating fresh without the long storage distribution centres involved in supermarket logistics. This in turn means reduced food waste, picked to order, fresh not stored, reduces your carbon footprint.


Climate is changing and so weather variability is greater so we need - must - secure our food supply. By encouraging and incentivising backyard growers this will be part of the mix.

We have over 12,000 families involved in Box Divvy in the Sydney area, Central Coast, South Coast and Blue Mountains.

To supply your backyard produce, fruit and vegetables only, you need to first contact us to discuss what you have, when you will pick, how you grow your produce ie sprayfree, the amount and the logistics of supplying into a local Box Divvy Food Hub.

All growers must have soil tested. See below.


Fruit and vegetables sprayfree. We'd love mushroom suppliers.


Honey will be considered depending on: where your hives are, your ability to supply and deliver.


Licensed egg suppliers will be considered if you can supply locally to Hubs.

*We will not consider non registered eggs, home-made unlicensed kitchen bread or unlicensed commercial kitchen bottled goods ie pickled, fermented, jams etc. Again, this all depends on your capacity to supply into local Hubs.

If you have a commercial/licensed set-up then you can pop in a request to supply and provide information or your URL for us to review but consideration will be based on your location, ability to supply and deliver.


For Fruit and Vegetables:

You will be expected to have a soil test done, we will give details on this when you register, and we ask you pay $40 to VegeSafe but Box Divvy will reimburse you $20 only if you are selling into our Box Divvy Hubs. Provide the report and receipt. 

We do expect 'no spray' growing and so whilst you will be paid fairly for your produce we are also mindful of our members budgets so you'll need to discuss what you wish to be paid with us at time of set up and see if it is feasible for members budgets.


You will be asked to provide a biography note on yourself, photos of your growing area for promotion plus of the produce you are selling.

You need to deliver to the Hubs on the set day. So figure out what Hubs you are prepared to deliver to please. We will chat with you about this. Check out Hubs here ....  you need to select Hubs willing to deliver to and put into your application please.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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